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News :

Dark Mysteries - Release

12:45 25.04.2009 | Comments 8 by Xardas Bruder

Finally translation of Dark Mysteries mod is finished! Great thanks for all people who were translating, correcting and testing the mod. It took a lot of time, but after one year and four months our job is done. Now you can download and enjoy Dark Mysteries! More information in expansion of news.

Download link:

Dark Mysteries - the date of release

22:09 13.04.2009 | Comments 0 by Xardas Bruder

All right, finally we can say it: release of English version of Dark Mysteries is on Saturday 25th April. We're still making some improvements, but I'm sure until this day everything will be finished. So wait patiently, soon you could taste Dark Mysteries! Prepare for new adventures in the Colony and discover it one more time - this time it is more mysterious and tough, only the strongest can survive...

Dark Mysteries - Coming Soon

20:27 06.04.2009 | Comments 0 by Zdunek

Release of English version of Dark Mysteries is expected to be soon. Official beta testing has ended. Approximately it will take less or more than couple weeks to correct mistakes and bugs detected by our beta testers.

Dark Mysteries - beta tests

8:19 09.02.2009 | Comments 2 by Xardas Bruder

I have very good news for all people who are waiting for english version of Dark Mysteries: after a year of hard work of translating and correcting our job is nearly finished and we started beta testing! So now it's only a matter of time when mod will be released. And I can say it one more time: wait patiently, Dark Mysteries are really close!

New site starting

20:03 01.01.2009 | Comments 0 by Bruce

We are sorry, that news in english don't appear in midnight on our site but a lot of alcohol and beautiful girls don't let us writing in english.


Articles :

How to register

19:49 23.10.2009 | Comments 0 by thomaswos

How to register in forum and Portal.

Download - Dark Mysteries[EN]

13:14 25.04.2009 | Comments 1 by Zdunek

Download English Dark Mysteries v. 1.04.

Walkthrough - Mine Guards' Camp

0:15 03.01.2009 | Comments 31 by ?elazko

Walkthrough of the Dark Mysteries.

Download - Dark Mysteries[PL]

20:08 31.12.2008 | Comments 2 by Bruce

Dark Mysteries with patches, describe installation and how to run it.