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Dark Mysteries - Release

Finally translation of Dark Mysteries mod is finished! Great thanks for all people who were translating, correcting and testing the mod. It took a lot of time, but after 1 year and 4 months our job is done:) Now I'd like to give nicks of people who were working on it.

Xardas Bruder, Zelazko, Beliar, Bela, Molka, hwep, Luke, Rider, Aeskel, Vedymin, rathgar, Ojciec Dyrektor, Varrok, The Snajper, Frodo

diego_pmc, Korianus, Xardas 2008, Noneimportant, Altair-AoD

Xardas Bruder, Zelazko, Korianus, Altair-AoD

Downloads: http://en.poziomkaz.pl/articles/308

NOTE! When youre starting the mod better use Gothic Starter which doesnt have the Repearse Scripts option, because it causes often crashes.
NOTE2: We tried to remove all mistakes and bugs, but when you meet some, let us know here.
Link: http://forum.worldofplayers.de/forum/showthread.php?t=589878

Greetings and nice playing!

Date add : 12:52 25.04.2009 | by Xardas Bruder
Last edit : 13:05 27.04.2009 | by Xardas Bruder

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saaaaa 20:47 02.01.2012 Hey,
I need the aproval of the creator to translate the mod in romanian?wub.gif
Bruce 20:01 03.01.2012 Don't ask, just do it:)raulpuro 23:55 06.02.2012 hi,

We are a small community of Spanish gothic fans, we are translating the mod, the project is almost finished, but we need the unchanged main image texts (1024x1024) to translate.

Would it be possible? Some images have been translated but the main picture is impossible.

Of course we respect the copyright.

Is it possible?

In any case, thanks for your time and wonderful mod.

A greeting.
Bruce 7:17 12.02.2012 Sorry, we don't have this text.raulpuro 9:53 13.02.2012 Hi Bruce,

Sorry, my mistake. What I meant to say was that we need the image without the text.

raulpuro 9:54 13.02.2012 Sorry for the doublepost unsure.gifBruce 8:44 14.02.2012 OK, but I don't have clean images. Sorry sad.gifraulpuro 22:32 18.02.2012 Hi,

Ok, thanks for your answer and your time.

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