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Dark Mysteries - beta tests

So I'd like to thank to all people who were translating, correcting and helped us in many other ways, however with exact gratitudes we'll wait until release. Now a few person are testing mod and trying to find as much as possible mistakes and bugs to make a game better. After some time you can wait for more information and exact date of release:)

Date add : 8:23 09.02.2009 | by Xardas Bruder
Last edit : 8:28 09.02.2009 | by Xardas Bruder

Profesjonalne strony internetowe
Zdunek 12:05 18.02.2009 Quote:What is a Dark Mysteries?

This is a mod ?? Sorry but i don't read...... tongue.gif

Dark Mysteries is polish Mroczne Tajemnice !!!
You are spamer !!
MWL 11:40 01.04.2009 What's about dubbing, you gonna make it?Site 1 Jeżeli chcesz dodać komentarz zapraszamy na Forum.