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Walkthrough - Mine Guards' Camp

Walkthrough written by: Siekacz
Walkthrough translated by: zelazko

It's prohibited to use text below as your own. Ask author for permission. All rights reserved.

Mine Guards?? Camp

Quests received in camp near the mine do not belong to hard ones. But in case of any troubles I entreat you to reading.

Joining the camp

It is very easy to join the guards?? camp. We talk with Kazzmir. Kazzmir gives us task of disposing all crawlers in the mine. Same task we get from Cor Kalom so I won??t make an essay out of this. After you kill the Crawlers?? Queen and take her eggs you can return to Kazzmir. After you join the camp you receive payout of 30 ore nuggets everyday from Wyzysk and decent food from Geralt.
Attention! One can join the camp any time after completing the quest. Kazzmir won??t object even if nameless hero is for example a mercenary.

Digger??s disguise

Guard Carlos won??t let you in to the mine unless you put the digger pants on you. In order to get the pants you must complete one of the tasks described below.

1. Fisk??s Tailor

Fisk??s digger pants deliverer is missing. He asks us to find for him a new tailor. In this case we go to Drax. We learn that snappers got the previous tailor. Fortunately the hunter is a tailor. He agrees to work for Fisk in return for wine and beer. We go to Fisk with good news and he gives us digger pants

2. Broth for Radi

In this task we must show off with culinary talent. Radi gives us recipe for broth from scavenger and he wants us to cook it for him. We read the recipe and search for ingredients. Finding the salt is the only problem. It is located on rock near the catapult (Two guards are standing there with crossbows and cross). We rob guards?? lunch and go to the pot. Attention! We must have a cooking spoon. After we cook the broth we go to Radi to receive our reward ?? pants.

Beer for Mosquito

Guard Mosquito lets us in the camp demanding 12 beers. Simple task the problem is that we have only two days to bring him beverages ?? otherwise punch in the mouth xD. We can find a lot of beer in camp??s huts the rest we have to figure out by ourselves.

Joint for Gorth

Gorth needs some decent joint. In this case we go to the swamp to Fortuno. We buy the most expensive joint from him (200 ore nuggets!) and give it to Gorth to smoke.

Orcs hunters

Slicer ?? the owner of inn have us to kill a cowardly orc hunter ?? Traffix (We must bring Slicer some proof of his death). So we go to orc hunters?? camp and talk with Traffix. We have two choices:
-We beat Traffix and take certain mysterious stuff. (Guy is pretty strong)
-We buy from him evidence of his death (150 nuggets)
We return to Slicer with mysterious stuff. Satisfied guard gives us Traffix??s stuff as reward. It is worth to bargain a little, there is possibility to get some ore but, not so much because it can wind up very bad for nameless one.

Weed for Corin

Corin - a local clucker orders you to bring 30 northern dark joints within one day. Obviously you can buy pot from Fortuno. If you do not bring sufficient amount of weed Corin takes all joints from nameless hero. In case when nameless one has no weed at all, there is possibility that guard attack you though he is goddam loser biggrin.gif

Diggers?? hideout

Melkor notices that digger disappear somewhere though they do not leave the camp. Our task is to find them and chase them to work. If they do not listen we have to kill them or report Melkor where their hideout is. Diggers are hiding under the catapult. The problem is they are there between specific hours of day. When we find diggers we talk we them. Mark agrees to return to work but other two diggers do not intend to do this. We kill them (more experience and extra six beers) or we snitch on them to Melkor (less experience and diggers wind up in cage)

Morghar??s letter

In Morghar??s hut we can find piece of paper stuck to the wall. We take it and read it then talk to Morghar. Guard will get very mad that, you took letter from his hut, we compare his hut to cloakroom then, he??ll clam down and, we get quest of accompanying him in walk and getting two beers for Morghar. After beer is consumed we march out on trip. At the end of the trip we get a new quest.

Strange cave

Morghar is curious what??s inside Melkor hiding place. He commissions us quest of learning what??s inside. Key to the hiding place has digger Nest in the snapper cave. After we leave the hiding place we can tell Morghar what??s inside mysterious hideout.

Troublesome cook

Digger Boris reveals us all truth about cook. He asks us in the name of all diggers to dispose him from camp. We take the job in our hands biggrin.gif. We go to talk with Kazzmir who order us to bring cook to him. We won??t pull this off, cook run away. When we return to Kazzmir with those tidings we get a new quest ??New cook?

New cook

After we do away with cook we must find new one. There are two ways to get out of this trouble:

-Mark is a good cook however he tells us he??s no idea about cooking. We chat with Wyzysk, Radi and Boris (it is enough to talk with just two of them). They tell that Mark is a great cook. Having numerous witnesses Mark doesn??t have choice, he becomes a cook.
-We go to Snaf in Old Camp. Snaf doesn??t want to cook in the mine but he says it would be good if his apprentice get out of the camp. So we go to him (the one who got second door). After conversation we have to bring him to camp at the mine.

Food for smith Sand

Smith Sand would like to eat something decent. Unfortunately he requires a lot. He wants to bring him: 5 loaves of bread, 3 piece of ham, 2 bunches of grapes, 5 pieces of cheese, 10 pieces of roast meat, 5 bottles of wine, 10 apples, as well as two bottles of moonshine?? I guess the biggest problem is obtaining the grapes; we can buy them in New Camp. For completing this task smith teaches us useful skill ?? blacksmith??s craft.

Hungry diggers

Rendi asks us to bring 150 pieces of raw meat for diggers. This quest doesn??t need description biggrim.gif
Tip: A lot of meat can be found on huge snappers who Kazzmir orders us to wipe out.

Missing guard

Digger??s meat bringer has not come since ages. Rendi gives us quest of finding him. We find guard near bandits?? camp, snappers are eating him there. We take the amulet from corpse and return to Rendi.

Vendor??s problem
(We receive the quest only if we reach level 8)

Vendor got problem with Halldor who always win archery contest. Our task is to kill this great archer. We go to old camp. Talk with Halldor. Tell him we found a lot of liquor in cave. Halldor without thinking much about it run to the cave, seeing no wine in the cave he will attack us. We kill him then return for reward (500 nuggets!)

Dorm??s medicine

Dorn is in critical condition. He can??t work anymore and guards do not like lazybones biggrin.bif. We offer him help of bringing medicine for him. We go to alchemic (he is at the abandoned mine). We buy medicine for 60 ore nuggets from him. After Dorm drinks up the medicine he goes back to work and thanks us fondly. Of course we ain??t getting any reward expect some experience but, we made some good deed biggrin.bif

Moonshine monopoly

After admission to guards Slicer gives us a quest. Someone started new moonshine business and for innkeeper Slicer it??s competition. So we take care of this. Cave with moonshine brewing is located by the new camp near the lake. We kill all three pals and return to Slicer for reward (500 ore nuggets!).

Assault on bandits

The task is simple, easy, and pleasant. After admission to Mine Guards Camp Kazzmir issues us order of helping assault group on local bandits. We go to Wyzysk and together with Morghar and Slicer march out on assault. The only challenge in this quest is leader of bandits. Warning! He can even kill Wyzysk! If Wyzysk is killed I suggest loading a save xD

Problem with reptiles

After solving problem with bandits harder challenge awaits us. Kazzmir order us to do away with two enormous reptiles. We can take Corin to help. Fight with them is pretty difficult but trained gamer won??t have troubles with them. The fist one is near the entrance to the camp (its good idea to take all items left in cave). The second one is roaming small island on river at the Old Camp entrance. After disposing reptiles and talking with Kazzmir we can go to smith to pick up heavy guard armor.

Slicer??s equipment

Another task from given by Slicer biggrin.bif. After completing the quest with Traffix Innkeeper asks us to bring him his gear. First stuff is baseball bat and it can be found in Melkor hideout on shelf. Second stuff is?? pants. We can find pants in castle upstairs in Gomez?? room where chick is taking bath biggrim.bif

Missing diggers

It??s the most developed quest related to the mine. Thanks to this task we can become boss of the camp and ore baron himself.

In order to get this quest we must become a guard in Old Camp or in Mine Camp. When we meet this requirement we go to Raven, he starts talking himself. He orders us to find four missing diggers who escaped from mine. One of them is Seanches he is located at the camp entrance sitting with two other diggers. We talk with him. From him we can learn where the rest of fugitives are.
Martinez - is inside collapsed tower at the old camp??s exit
Nix ?? was killed by alligators biggrin.bif His body is laying near the mill. If you don??t know where mill is I??m at your help. After leaving the old camp (from side where trading square is) we jump into river and swim to the right toward direction to swamp camp.
Popo ?? is at the abandoned mine together with alchemic.
After we find diggers we go to Raven. For reward we get?? new quest. Raven tells us to talk with Bartholo. We learn that one of the ore barons is missing ?? Sario. We have to learn who is responsible for Sario disappearance. We go to Wyzysk and then Melkor. Melkor gives us quest to find his key. Digger Nest has it. He is in the cave near camp (it??s where huge snappers were). Warning! We don??t give Melkor the key. We go to his hideout (near the waterfall) open the door and talk with sheep xD. We plunder the place just from anything there is. Necessary we empty the chest ?? key to the chest is on armchair and take Sario??s sword (its worth to read Melkor??s notes in the chest as well).
We go back to Bartholo (NOT TO MELKOR! If we go to Melkor we can say good-bye to boss career in mine camp). We get offer. In return for disposing Melkor we can get authorization thanks to which we are entitled to take over the rule in mine guards?? camp. We go to Wyzysk then. It turns out that Melkor with guards attacked new camp. So we go toward direction to new camp. Unfortunately battle is over xD. We talk with Melkor. After short conversation Melkor wants to have a fair duel in the camp. So we follow him to the camp. Talk with him and fight. Fight isn??t that easy we must prepare and it would be wise to save the game before the fight. After the fight we go to cage and release Kazzmir. Ore baron asks us to bring him sword Melkor has taken from him. Whether we give him back the sword it??s our decision. We go to Bartholo and get authorization from him. Then we have a choice:
-become the boss
-let the Kazzmir keep the position of boss
I suggest choosing first choice old_wink.gif After becoming the camp boss we can listen to guards congratulations. Obviously as boss we have some privileges. From Wyzysk we can get daily payout of 120 ore nuggets. Beside we can issue an order to guards (the ones without name) like; come with me.

Date add : 1:13 03.01.2009 | by Zdunek
Last edit : 12:26 03.01.2009 | by Siekacz

Profesjonalne strony internetowe
Bruce 11:07 19.02.2011 Probably it's bug or mistake in english scripts. In polish version everything is OK.mali* 16:08 19.02.2011 Quote:Probably it's bug or mistake in english scripts. In polish version everything is OK.

Well ,I got quite far ,with clean gameplay up to now ,and not one bug ,all quests went smooth(small exceptions of course),i have no failed quests in notebook,except admission quests(2) from the beginning of the game ,this mod is really impressive ,brings along some enhancement in gameplay -great quests that relate directly to the original gothic storyline,ties up loose ends, combat and other skills ,such as smithing resemble gothic 2. I have one last question ,i contiuned posting here because i have to wait 1-2 days on other sites to get an uncertain answer most of the time. So ,regarding *SMITHING* :I have aquired the first level of smithery from the *Blacksmith on the other side of the lake in New Camp*, and learned how to sharpen blades and axes ,and forge ore one handed/two handed axes & swords by completing some courier-type quests for him. What is unclear to me ,i notice smithing weapons gives you STR sometimes ,i got so far +1STR,2,3,4,5]. From here i see that it does not raise any more ,it stays 5 ,but since the *SECOND* time i got 5 STR ,i forged ALOT of ore blades ,axes ,two handers etc( 60 of each i think) ,and still STR did not raise...,so my point is HOW MUCH is smithing supposed to increase STR( got 85 so far and smithing got me from 70 to 85) ,and is it by chance (%) per str level ,or number of blades,and complexity of weapon blueprint (eg:longsword x 50 = 1x good two-handed axe),and also ist here an ADVANCED level of smithery( like smithing level 2) ,and if yes ,no spoilers please ,just Yes or No wink.gif also ,thanks very much for answering previous posts.
Bruce 16:40 19.02.2011 How it's work i don't know, so i don't help you, but i think, that your strength increase only once. Just like rice.mali* 19:21 19.02.2011 Quote:How it's work i don't know, so i don't help you, but i think, that your strength increase only once. Just like rice.

Nope,you are wrong here wink.gif ,first time it will increase by '1',next time by '2' and so on until it reaches it's peak ,set to a value of '5'(so far in my case). Now next time after it increases by '5',it will increase again also by same number ,5. But the THIRD ''level'' of STR from the point when it starts increasing only by 5 seems null,after 150 forged ore blades still no STR ,well,i'll just ask on other forums too,danke once again. -----------------i got 15 points to strength from smithing and alot of ore ,and unique blades ,some with 96-98 damage sharpened so ,that must be 10 tons of rice you're talking about tongue.gif
Bruce 19:27 19.02.2011 In polish version you can smithing only few times, so you don't increase strength. And about rice. Yes, it must be 10 tons it means 250 portions biggrin.gifmali* 19:55 19.02.2011 Quote:In polish version you can smithing only few times, so you don't increase strength. And about rice. Yes, it must be 10 tons it means 250 portions biggrin.gif

But what do you mean only afew times you can smith? That seems impossible to me ,smithing is tricky at first ,you must get the hang of it ,and must be aware of each bar's (4 types) properties to know if you posses the correct ingredients,because in the diary ,there is no detailed description of the bluprints ,so u must memorize them. Also it is buggy ,sometimes it says you DO NOT have ''all components'' but you do ,so i discovered how to prevent this ,when error occurs ,you drop all your ''BLADES'' on the ground and pick them up again,then u can forge, bug occurs after saving the game while forging .good luck wink.gif pay attention to what smith tells you after learning the skill ,he tells you the SOMETIMES your STR will increase ,not just ONCE ,and pay attention at process of creating simple blades.Then when you bring him -spoiler: innos statuette from smugglers camp and crawler plates he will teach you how to sharpen weapons ( increases dmg by 2 or 5 i think it's by chance) and forge ore weapons -two handed ones.
Bruce 20:03 19.02.2011 Quote:But what do you mean only afew times you can smith?
This is secure againt cheating.
mali* 20:16 19.02.2011 Quote:This is secure againt cheating.

Cheating,you mean because it increases STR ''too much''? or am i missing something else
Bruce 20:40 19.02.2011 Yes, increasing strength.mali* 20:59 19.02.2011 Quote:Yes, increasing strength.

I have ver. 1.04 En., but STR increases really hard...after 100-300 blades you get 15 str,and further i am not sure. Doesen't seem like cheating wink.gif
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